Two Texas Women Plead Guilty in Bank Fraud Case

Petra Del Bosque, a former banker from Zapata National Bank, and Anita Arredondo, an accounts payable clerk for a local construction company, have both plead guilty to bank fraud. Their cases stem from an October 2014 arrest for their part in a check cashing scheme prosecutors say lasted over two years and netted the duo close to $800,000. The indictment stated that Arredondo used her position at the construction company to issue over 300 company checks, which she made payable to contractors. Del Bosque would then cash the checks at her bank, telling the tellers that she was working on the behalf of the contractors. Both women have plead guilty and face up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $1 million. DOJ: Two Ordered to Federal Prison for Bank Fraud Scheme at Zapata National Bank What a Guilty Plea Means The plea is a defendant’s response to the charges against him or her. By pleading guilty a defendant is formally saying that he/she admits that he/she has committed the crime as charged. By pleading guilty the defendant relinquishes his/her right to a trial, to examine the evidence against him/her, and to question witnesses against him/her. Acceptance of the Guilty Plea by the Court The guilty plea may or may not be accepted by the trial judge. In order for a judge to accept a defendant’s guilty plea the judge will ensure that the defendant understands the consequences of the plea. In other words, for a guilty […]