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Embezzlement Cases

Updated: Jul 8, 2023 @ 7:51 am

Criminal charges related to embezzlement are serious criminal offenses that are considered white-collar crimes, are considered crimes of moral turpitude, and are at heart, theft crimes. The repercussions of not only being convicted, but merely being accused of workplace theft, can hinder your attempts to attain gainful employment, or pursue career advancements, for a lifetime.

Call 713-659-0909 if you need to talk with Houston criminal defense attorney Tad Nelson about allegations of embezzlement that you are facing, or that may be impending.

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, led by Board Certified® Houston criminal lawyer Tad Nelson, has over 30 years of combined experience defending persons accused of theft/white-collar crimes which include embezzlement.

If you’ve been accused of such an offense we are interested in hearing about the details of the accusations, the basis of the allegations, and in reviewing any records that you may have, from a forensic accounting perspective, that may serve us in your defense.

Even if you “think” you are guilty as charged, we can help. Depending on what the evidence and the law have to say about your case, you may be innocent after all.

Understanding Embezzlement & Texas Law

Embezzlement is basically workplace theft, or theft from a business by an employee, or contractor who is working with the business.

Technically speaking, the term is used to define the illegal appropriation of valuable property/items with the intent to deprive the victim (company) of value (and transfer said value to oneself or counterparts).

Regardless of the amount of value extracted by engaging in the act of embezzlement, the criminal charge is serious and applies to persons who work at small businesses as well as large multinational corporations.

Caught By Surprise?

If, in your capacity with your employer, you have access to company accounts, funds, or are authorized to execute purchases, you may be investigated as a matter of routine or if you are suspected of taking unauthorized liberties using your authorization.

Often, defendants never saw criminal charges on the horizon, and other times, these people are guilty of nothing more than subpar record-keeping or simple accounting errors. In a small percentage of cases, the defendants are victims themselves of uncouth internal corporate strife.

Regardless of factors leading up to the initiation of a criminal investigation into financial theft on part of the defendant, businesses have every right to pursue criminal charges if they believe they have been victimized, and they normally do so.

Common Reasons For Embezzlement Charges

The main 4 reasons that persons are brought up on embezzlement charges include cash theft, theft of goods or services, illegal funds transfer, and offenses a related to income.

As you can see, embezzlement covers a wide array of highly subjective concepts related to the assumption of the defendant’s intent to defraud. Based on the subjective nature of embezzlement charges, it’s important that you are defended by a charismatic criminal defense attorney with an analytical legal mind.

Its Possible To Avoid Trial, Dismiss Charges

With a charismatic lawyer advocating on behalf of your best interests, the environment is created for articulate lawyering to pave the way for, hopefully, avoiding a criminal trial altogether.

In most cases, employers aren’t damaged in the least bit by employee theft, but take action for the purpose of making an example of the defendant, and as retribution as punishment for betrayal of trust.

Houston criminal defense attorney Tad Nelson & federal criminal defense lawyer Amber Spurlock encourage you to take advantage of our experience and knowledge as it relates to your situation in particular. You might not be guilty after we’ve finished attacking the District Attorney’s case.

Criminal Penalties for Texas Embezzlement Convicts

Criminal penalties are assessed for persons convicted of embezzlement by using theft guidelines. The more misappropriated funds, or the higher the value of the theft, the more serious punishment will be.

The table below offers an illustrative view of the sentencing guidelines for theft/embezzlement offenses with the least severe at the top, and the most severe at the bottom.

Special note: if the defendant, in his/her capacity, can be defined as a public servant, criminal classification will be enhanced to the next level of severity.

Property Value
Criminal Classification Penalty If Convicted
$500 – $1,500 Class A Misdemeanor Up to 1 Year County Jail
Fine of up to 4000.00
$1,500 – $20,000 State Jail Felony 180 days to 2 Years State Jail
Fine of up to 10000.00
$20,000 – $100,000 3rd Degree Felony 2 to 10 Years State Prison
Fine of up to 10000.00
$100,000 – $200,000 2nd Degree Felony 2 to 20 Years State Prison
Fine of up to 10000.00
$200,000 or more 1st Degree Felony 5 to 99 Years State Prison
Fine of up to 10000.00

With the potential consequences and lifelong repercussions in mind, it’s easy to understand why having an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side is of the utmost importance.

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White-collar crimes & embezzlement cases are not matters to be taken lightly.

If the defendant is convicted for such a crime in the court of law, it is highly likely that jail time will be assessed, in addition to fines, along with an order of restitution; meaning the convicted will have to pay their employer back an amount commensurate with the amount of value they have defrauded the victim company of.

Houston criminal defense attorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock are perched amongst the most effective lawyers in Texas. Both the attorneys on our legal team hold credentials which define their distinction.

We are ready to help you. Call us at 713-659-0909 to get started.

Houston Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Embezzlement Cases

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Embezzlement Cases
Embezzlement Cases
Embezzlement Cases
Embezzlement Cases
Embezzlement Cases