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Marijuana Cases

Updated: Dec 22, 2022 @ 5:05 am

Unfortunately, some Houstonians don’t take drug crimes involving marijuana as seriously as criminal offenses involving dangerous narcotics like cocaine and heroin. This is mainly because of the common use of marijuana for recreational purposes, along with the perception of the drug’s “safety” among the majority of Americans as well as people in Houston.

As far as the federal government is concerned, even medicinal use of marijuana constitutes illegal activity and the same reigns true in the State of Texas.

Contact Attorney Tad Nelson if you’ve been accused of any of the following offenses;

  • Possession of Marijuana, Manufacture/Delivery of Marijuana
  • Trafficking Marijuana/Selling
  • Possession of Marijuana related paraphernalia (This can be residue, tobacco shells, or seeds in some cases.)
  • Felony Marijuana Possession Cases
  • Federal Drug Trafficking Charges
  • Growing Marijuana or Operating a Grow House/Cultivation

Loss of Drivers License

Anytime a person is arrested for a drug crime, this includes cases involving marijuana, their Texas Driver’s License will be suspended for a minimum of six months. Driving “privileges” are to be restored only after a review by the Texas Medical Advisory Board declaring it safe for the person charged to once again be allowed to operate a motor vehicle on Texas roads.

If the MAB declines the release of your license, you won’t be able to legally operate a motor vehicle in the State of Texas.

If you’re represented by a Houston criminal defense attorney with the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates, we’ll work to fight the suspension of your drivers license, and if unsuccessful, we should at least be able to get the court to grant you an occupational license so that you may have the ability to commute to and from work without breaking the law. If you’re caught driving while your license is suspended for any reason, you are transported directly to county jail and charged for DWLS (driving while license suspended).

Criminal Penalties For Marijuana Cases

Despite public perception, there are serious criminal implications if you’re found guilty of a criminal offense involving marijuana in Texas.

The Houston Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies in the Greater Houston Area, have been known to look over instances in which detainees are found to be in possession of small amounts of marijuana, but those breaks are becoming fewer and farther in between as more and more Houstonians find themselves making the rounds of Harris County Jail processing as a result of being arrested for possession of marijuana.

Amount of Marijuana Offense Classification Punishment If Convicted
2 oz. or less Class B Misdemeanor Up to 180 days county jail – fine up to $2,000
Over 2 oz., Under 4 oz. Class A Misdemeanor Not more than 1 yr county jail – up to $4,000
Over 4 oz., Under 5 lbs. State Jail Felony 180 days – 2 yrs state jail – fine up to $10,000
Over 5 lbs, Under 50 lbs. 3rd Degree Felony 2–10 yrs Prison – Fine up to $10,000
Over 50 lbs, Under 2,000 2nd Degree Felony 2–20 yrs Prison – Fine up to $10,000
More than 2,000 lbs Enhanced 1st Degree Felony 5–99 yrs Prison – Fine up to $50,000

Criminal penalties for people found guilty of drug crimes involving marijuana in Texas can range from a fine of a few hundred dollars, to a handful of days county jail, on up to a staggering 99 year jail sentence depending on the amount of marijuana and the previous criminal history of the alleged offender.

Arrested For Marijuana Possession in Houston?

Dealing with a criminal case is a stressful situation.

Aside from the burden of being jailed and having to post bond while looking ahead to a pending court date is also the potential for a lifetime of regret depending on how a drug charge appearing on your background may affect your future.

Its always important to carefully consider your options when facing the possibility of jail for a drug related criminal charge. Even if you were arrested for the possession of something as seemingly minor as a joint, hiring one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Houston may serve your interests for years to come.

If you need support from a defense lawyer with experience, contact Houston criminal defense attorney Tad Nelson as soon as possible. There may have been mistakes made by the police during the arrest or evidence collection, or we may be able to get you out of jail time by agreeing to probation. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may be able to have the criminal record sealed.

Our law firm can be contacted at 713-659-0909. You can also visit our office which is located in The Heights at 1221 Studewood St in Suite# 107 to discuss potential strategies to fight prosecution.

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Marijuana Cases

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Marijuana Cases
Marijuana Cases
Marijuana Cases
Marijuana Cases
Marijuana Cases