Understanding Sex Crimes

Sexual assault is a serious criminal charge in which felony ramifications often apply. With Harris County, Texas having one of the largest concentrations of sex offenders in the United States, one can expect aggressive law enforcement from all levels of local law enforcement agencies on all matters involving sex crimes. Experienced Criminal Defense Houston criminal defense lawyer Tad Nelson has over 30 years of experience handling intense criminal litigation situations and holds a Board Certification from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law. If you’re facing criminal charges related to accusations of a sex crime on your part, Houston sex crimes attorney Tad Nelson is the person to talk to. Residual Penalties for Sex Crimes If you’re convicted of a sex crime in Texas you’ll face serious consequences in addition to lengthy prison sentencing that may be imposed by the court in which your case is assigned. If you’re represented by the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we’ll work to fight your charges and avoid the sex offender registration requirement. Even for a person who serves their time and pays their debt to society, having a criminal record that includes any reference to a sex crime can cause problems for a person who is looking for a place to live, and persons who may be exploring career options later in life. In short, being found guilty of a sex crime, and having this reflected are a part of your criminal record, is akin to having an […]